Monday, September 22, 2014

Sharing Our Games

We received some amazing thank you letters from the students at Metropolitan Schoolhouse here in Chicago.  Last week Stacey was a guest speaker at the school, playing both Centsible Kids and Choice-A-Quence with the students. 

The games are used as part of the curriculum, where a “powerful learner-centered approach to education connects academics with life skills, social skills, communication skills and technology that are necessary in today’s world.”  We love sharing our ideas helping children build their skills to live with the awareness that wise choices are in your control and help you reach your goals. 

Here is what a few of the children had to say in their thank you letters.

   "Thank you for coming to Metropolitan Schoolhouse!  I had lots of fun playing Choice-A-Quence.  I liked it because it shows you that you will make choices in life and there will always be a consequence whether it is good or bad."
   "Thank you for choosing Metropolitan.  I think Choice-A-Quence was a great game because I learned that one choice can have up to 10 consequences!  That's crazy!"
   "Thank you for visiting us and showing our newcomers how to play Centsible Kids and Choice-A-Quence.  They had a lot of fun.  I did too.  My Favorite part was "earning" the Centsible Kids money because it was like really getting it."
   "I liked Centsible Kids.  It helped me to think wisely when it comes to my money.  I want to buy … games at a game store." 

All of the letters were so enthusiastic.  Our mission is helping children live with awareness leading to wise choices.  It is always rewarding when we have a chance to go out and play our games with children. What a reward to hear their feedback and see them making connections and growing their skills.  We wish to give many thanks to Metropolitan Schoolhouse for a fabulous experience. 


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