Monday, April 7, 2014

April is Financial Literacy Month!

We were just reading on Edutopia that April is Financial Literacy month and we are excited because this dovetails nicely with our plan to share how to modify Centsible Kids.  

While the game is designed for children ages 9-14 it is easy to modify our money math game for younger children.  If children are learning about the value of coins and how to count them, one fun idea is to use actual coins with the game.  

In the example for selling pictures for $.20 each, the parent or teacher would write the amount on the game card, and would have the child count out nickels to add up to $.20.  

Tailor the experience to your child’s or student’s ability.  Use pennies with the youngest child counting by ones.  If needed you may use mixed coins and have the child record amounts.  

With older students, I made a calendar to be used as a game board, rolling a die and moving a game piece.  Each date on the calendar had an action to complete - like compute a salary if you are paid $8.25 for minimum wage for 2 weeks, subtract 10% for income tax, or choose a green card and earn money.  

We encourage our users to individualize the game experience to make it challenging at just the right level for their needs.  We would like to hear how you choose to use Centsible Kids!

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